Kim & Co. Celebrates International Women’s Day with QVC/UK on March 6th, 7th & 8th, 2014


What better way to celebrate being a woman than to honor my mother whose artistic influence helped to make me who I am today. I always say that I was inspired by watching my Mom paint. How she mixed and blended colors together made me want to be creative. Although I am not a painter I strive to create with each new design and print we use.

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s equality and as a “Woman” business owner of a “Women’s” fashion brand with a staff of 81% “Women”, you can imagine how much this day means to us. I often look around the office and observe each of the lovely ladies that work with me, and can’t imagine Kim & Co. being anything but “Women designing for Women”! I honestly believe we embody the full meaning of this day.

Do something special for you this Saturday. It could be as simple as take 5 extra minutes in the bath or watching your favorite movie or taking a long walk… celebrate being a woman because equality is not only for the work place but it is a way of life.

Love, Kim

(My Mom is wearing the Short Sleeve U-Neck Top with Ruching on the sleeves and neck (118361) in Midnight / White & I am wearing the Cap Ruched Sleeve V-Neck Flared top (118363) in Cherry Multi)

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