From Work to Play with Kim & Co. on TSC January 13th & 14th, 2014

January 20

Love is in the air! Not only with Riley the dog (my brother Michael’s newest addition to his family) but with our latest addition of the Mélange Knit Tunic Blockbuster1 with matching Pant2 & Scarf3 Yes, it is the same fabric as the most wanted limited stock Edge to Edge Cardigan4 and Sold Out Hooded Dress5 from our August 2013 collection.  Make sure to have fun with the ones you love this January!

Love, Kim

1Item # 587-043, 2Item #587-045, 3Item # 587-044, 4Item # 585-495, 5Item # 585-496

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4 Responses to From Work to Play with Kim & Co. on TSC January 13th & 14th, 2014

  1. Michael M says:

    Nice Picture!

  2. Pat Henderson says:

    I was so happy to have received my order of the melange knit tunic and scarf items in two different colors. They fit so beautifully that I ordered the other two colors and was able to order the tunics but the scarves were sold out. Just wondered if there is any possibility of getting the scarves in the dark taupe and teal colors. I would be ever so grateful if I could. The order # at the shopping channel in Toronto On is 587-044. THANKS SO MUCH.

    • Kim&Co says:

      Hi Pat, Thank you for your comments. We will see what we can do about bringing back the Mélange Knit Scarves. Take Care, Sam 🙂

  3. Dawn says:

    I love this collection. I bought as many items as I could, but would have bought more if my size was available.It seems like there’s always a shortage of XS’s, particularly when it comes to bottoms (leggings, pants, skirts, etc.) I would definitely have bought the crepe pants and leggings in every colour if I could have.Is there any way to get TSC to carry more XS’s?

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