Kim Celebrating Her Birthday!

birthdayHere is Kim celebrating her birthday this week with Gale & Lisa, her closest friends since high school! No matter how busy life gets they always get together the 1st Tuesday of every month. Kim doesn’t just make long lasting clothes, but long lasting friendships. As a rule Kim keeps her personal life separate from her public one but as her assistant I urged her to let me share.

Warmest Regards


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6 Responses to Kim Celebrating Her Birthday!

  1. Angie says:

    Aww! Happy birthday sweetie! Your the best!! Looking forward to watching you on QVC. UK!

    Lots of love Angie!! X.X.💝😍💝

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Alexandra says:

    Dear Kim,

    Hope your Birthday brought you great happiness! You bring joy to your customers each time they wear your beautiful creations. It comes as no surprise that your values of excellence extend to the importance you place on close friendships. My wish for you… have a blissful year full of joy,wonder, and creative expression.


  3. Catherine says:

    A belated Happy Birthday Kim hope it was a good one!

  4. renate neumann says:

    happy birthday kim . you made a lifelong friend out of me with your beautyful clothes and i own many

  5. Gillian bradley says:

    Happy birthday Kim hope you had a nice day

  6. geraldine greatorex says:

    Belated happy birthday Kim, nice to see photo of you with your friends having fun its what its all about. xx

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