Kim & Co.’s February Collection for The Shopping Channel on February 22nd, 2013

Hi everyone, Kim here excited to bring my new collection to The Shopping Channel tomorrow. This week we celebrated a milestone, it was our 25th anniversary! We had a small party at the office with pizza and they surprised me with a cake.


I got to where the Blockbuster from this collection being a ¾ Sleeve Peplum Tunic (Item # 584148) is available in 5 different prints (I’m wearing the Leaves) and one of my favorite accessory the Chiffon Scarf (item # 584198) available in Red (color I’m wearing) Fuchsia & Black.


My Assistant designer Stephanie actually wore the same tunic in the Petal Bouquet. I love how a different print can change the look.

I’m looking forward to my shows tomorrow and hearing your thoughts! Love, Kim

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9 Responses to Kim & Co.’s February Collection for The Shopping Channel on February 22nd, 2013

  1. Diane says:

    Happy 25 th anniversary. Think of all those wonderful clothes that you have designed & made for all us ladies. Many thanks.

  2. Catherine green says:

    Congratulations Kim, you both look stunning, love the red scarf with the black and white top, so pretty.X

  3. Michael says:

    Congratulations to Kim and the whole team at Kim & Co. on 25 years on The Shopping Chanel! What an achievement!!!

  4. Alexandra says:

    Dearest Kim and Kim&Co Staff,
    My very best wishes for a great Canadian Success! 25 years of the softest, most elegant, fabrics, elegant designs,and comfort which have allowed me to work and play with ease!
    This year I celebrate my 34th year as a busy health care professional. I can’t tell you exactly how often I have packed your clothes and travelled during my career!!! But I have received complements on 3 continents, and proudly tell each person who tells me I look so good, I have a secret Kim and Co! A wonderful Canadian fashion house!!!
    My warmest congratulations! Kim you look wonderful in the leaves print, I just have to order this piece as well, at TSC NOW!!!


  5. u look great my husband wants to know why u cant invent a fabric that makes mens clothes so easy care!!!

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