Kim & Co.’s Collections for QVC/Germany’s Fashion Trend Event

Hi everyone, Kim here excited to be Launching my new collection with a Twinset 1/ 2 Arm Shirt mit offenem Cardigan, Leodruck as a Tagesangebot (item # 151137). It will be available at midnight (being 6:00pm Montreal time) on February 24th.

This twinset has an edge to edge Cardigan in solid Brazil Knit and a Top is in a strong, bold, confident Animal Skin print colors being Braun, Turkis, Fuchsia & Silber . The top has ruching where the shoulder meets the sleeves along with the middle of the rounded U-neck. This twinset incorporates the excitement of color in an animal print made especially for the first QVC/Germany Fashion Trend Event of 2012. Also in this trend event is a twinset Schals, jeweils uni mit bedruckt, Leodruck (item # 151146) in  Solid and Printed Chiffon to match the Tagesangebot.

The Tagesangebot can be worn with the matching printed Rock, gerader Schnitt, Rundumdehnbund, Leodruck (item # 151145), the Rock, gerader Schnitt, Rundumdehnbund, uni in Slinky (item # 151168), the Hose, gerade Form, hoher Bund, uni in Brazil knit (item # 151144) or Hose, 7/ 8 Länge, Marleneschnit, Rundumdehnbund, uni Slinky (item # 151139) Pant also available in this collection.

I would love to hear your comments about this new Trend Event collection. You can leave your comments on my Facebook (search Kim Mendelson or go to and click on the Facebook link).

Love, Kim

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