An Update on the TODAY’S SHOWSTOPPER for Canada (November 1st)

Hi Everyone, here is the final update on the November 1st TODAY’S SHOWSTOPPER…It has become a Blockbuster and will be available with my new collection launching tomorrow. Be sure not to miss out on this Classic Faux Wrap Dress (item # 578628).

Love, Kim

P.S. Check back later for a sneak peek at the Holiday Special Set I have for you in my new collection.


Hi everyone, there has been a scheduling confusion at the Shopping Channel and we got our wires crossed. The Faux Wrap Dress is ready and waiting for you in the Shopping Channel warehouse. I’ll let you know when it will be launched as soon as I as I’m informed. Sorry for the mix-up! Looking forward to seeing you all later this month!

Love, Kim


Hi Everyone, Kim here. This is a sneak peek at the TODAY’S SHOWSTOPPER for tomorrow, November 1st, on The Shopping Channel here in Canada. I will not be able to be there with you, but I will be there in spirit and watching throughout the day.

This TODAY’S SHOWSTOPPER is a Printed Faux Wrap Dress with ¾ sleeves, a Crossover V-Neck and side Shirring. It will be available in 11 different colors over 8 different prints from sizes XS to XXXL. Be sure to tune in and not miss out on this Kim & Co. classic!

Your comments always inspire me. You can leave them here on the blog, on my Facebook page (search Kim Mendelson or go to and click on the Facebook link) or send an e-mail to

Love, Kim

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