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Hello, this is Samantha. Kim has just finished her 3 day visit to QVC/UK and is on her way to QVC/Germany with a Today’s Special Value. She will be live in studio for 1 day on September 14th. Kim is always so inspired from her trips and the office booms with excitement awaiting her arrival to see and hear the new inspirations she has brought back. Kim enjoys writing her blogs and is ecstatic about the next couple of months. Look out for new sneak peeks, Childhood pictures and much, much more.

I wanted to take this chance to encourage all of you to subscribe to the Kim & Co. blog. To do this please follow these simple instruction; enter your e-mail address into the box on the top right hand side right under the where is says “Join … other followers”. You will then receive an e-mail from which you will have to open and follow the instruction to complete the subscription process. Once you are subscribed every time a blog is posted you will automatically receive an e-mail with the blog.  

Another great way to get notification of posted blogs, show reminders and any other news about Kim and Kim & Co. is to add Kim as a friend on Facebook. You can do this by either search Kim Mendelson or going to and click on the Facebook link.

 Remember all comments are welcome and you can leave them here, on Kim’s Facebook or e-mail them to

 Till next time…


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