Oh The Armhole!!!

Hello Everyone, I am Samantha and this blog is about the Armhole! Yes, I said Armhole! I have the pleasure of sharing an office with our designer Stephanie; and as her assistant, see the creative process from start to finish. Kim has often said on air that each style goes through numerous fittings, and most of those fittings are done in my office giving me a front row seat. Let me tell you, there are some funny things that happen during the fittings. To be honest I’m not sure people really believe we’re working with the amount of fun we have (or laughing we’re doing), but I have to say what I find interesting is the constant discussion about the armhole!

Here at Kim & Co. we are picky, and even more so when it comes to the armhole. I am a 3XL and have noticed that many clothes for women my size have armhole that are just too big. An item can fit perfectly everywhere else, but if the armhole is gapping I will put it back. As women we understand that a nicely shaped, reasonable sized armhole is important, not just for sleeveless items but all tops, dresses, cardigans, etc…. I have heard Kim and Stephanie discussing this in depth and have seen many samples being remade for 1/8” to make sure that the armholes are just right!

As we are women designing for women we understand that the fit of a garment is very important, and something as simple as an armhole can make or break an item. The attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on because as Kim always says “small details are big details”! We want you to feel as comfortable in our clothes as we do.

We would love to hear what your favorite feature of a Kim & Co. item is. You can either leave a comment here on the blog, on Kim’s Facebook page (search Kim Mendelson or go to http://www.kimco.ca and click on the link) or send us an e-mail to blog@kimco.ca.

Till next time…
Design & Marketing
Kim & Co.

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