Kim & Her Family

Kim, Her Parents and the Family

Having a large family here in Montreal you can imagine how difficult it is to coordinate a family get together. My sister and I decided that it was really important to make a special effort to join together for the occasion of my mother’s and my niece’s “same day” birthday.

With only four days to go we managed to pull together and pull it off just in time for me to jump out of my sweats and into a dress. It was really a family affair, everyone pitched in with laughter and good humor as we took turns sharing memories and all that’s involved in creating them— and in my family, it’s about food. We walked away that day feeling renewed, refreshed and stuffed.

So for all you who watch Kim & Co and wonder about my glamorous life—-guess what, the family cleared out when it was time clear dishes. Next time it’s at Leslie’s!

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1 Response to Kim & Her Family

  1. Heather McMillan says:

    Thank You for bringing these Lovely Photos Kim , what a super Family and what a Beautiful one too ! your Mum is Gorgeous , Dishwashers are a Girls best Friend so I guess you soon had things in Order. Love to you all Heather x

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