Celebrating 10 years at QVC/ Germany & the Insider magazine

 Hi Everyone, Kim here just back from Europe. It was a touching trip as I celebrated the 10th Anniversary of Kim & Co. on QVC/Germany with a customer event. I got to meet Heike, Sieglinde, Erike, Christel, Gaby, Renate, Rosemarie, Petra, Jennifer and 3 Anna’s (to name a few) who came to see a live show.

I want to thank all the hosts, models, production crews, our buyers at QVC/Germany for the last 10 years and also a big thanks to you, our customers, for all your support. You make what we do worth it!

To celebrate the Kim & Co. anniversary I was featured in the Insider magazine. For those of you who didn’t get it, here it is (Click on the images to make them bigger then click back to be able to select the next one).

Come back next week to see what else we have in store for you! Who knows maybe it will be some great fashion tips!

Love, Kim

P.S. If you are able to buy from QVC/Germany you can check out their website at www.qvc.de for all the items in this magazine and many more.

Kim & Co. solid Bolero, Top & Skirt item # 151081, 151074 & 151075


Kim & Co. solid Bolero, Top & Skirt item # 151081, 151074 & 151075

Kim & Co. solid Cardigan, Top, printed Skirt item # 151073, 151074 & 151077

Kim & Co. Solid Dress, Printed Dress & solid Bolero item # 151080, 151078 & 151081

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