Bea’s Kim & Co. Contest – How many Kim & Co. items do you have? – Winner

Hi Everyone, This is Bea and I am happy to reveal the winner of the first Bea’s Kim & Co. Blog Contest. Drum roll please…And the winner is Ewa Switalska with over 1,200 Kim & Co. items!!! WOW!!

Ewa has been a customer of the Kim & Co. line for 13 years. She lives in Norway and purchases her Kim & Co. items from QVC/UK. Ewa bought her very first item in 1998, after seeing a friend wearing a Kim & Co. Jacket and pant. We truly appreciate the many years she has been a customer of ours and we are proud to say that Ewa is part of our Kim & Co. family.

Ewa will be receiving a phone call from Kim next week. Thank you everyone for participating.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog from Kim herself.

Warmest Regards


Manager – Customer Services

Kim & Co.

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2 Responses to Bea’s Kim & Co. Contest – How many Kim & Co. items do you have? – Winner

  1. Ewa switalska says:

    Thanks for nice conversation Kim. It was like talking to somebody I have known for years. No wonder,you give so much of yourself creating those beautiful cloathes. For 13 years you made us ladies round the world feel happy and well dressed. Looking forward to next 13 years!!
    Ewa Switalska

    • Congratulations Ewa, I only have around 400 peices been collecting for about 11 -12 years, trouble is you just have to keep them as they keep so nicely when stored and Kim’s is always bringing out new colours that bring the older items back in again!! my wardrobes are groaning, you must need a spare house to keep all your clothes in!!
      Loraine Elkins England

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