Bea’s Kim & Co. Blog Contest – How many Kim & Co. items do you have?

Hi my name is Bea; I am the Manager of Customer Services and Personal Assistant to Kim.

Welcome to our very first Kim & Co. blog contest!

This contest is simple, how many Kim & Co. Items do you have?

Throughout the years Kim & I have received letters & e-mails from customers all over the world telling us how many Kim & Co. items they have. I remember once receiving an e-mail from a customer letting us know that her husband had converted a spare bedroom into a closet to fit all of her Kim & Co. clothes. Needless to say I was astonished as I had only been here a couple of months, now 13 years later I can completely understand as I may soon need to do the same!

So, how does the contest work? Well that is easy, count how many Kim & Co. items you have, then leave us a comment on this blog by Wednesday July 6th, 2011. We will announce the winner on Friday July 8th, 2011.

What is the Prize? The prize is a personal phone call from Kim herself! This phone call will take place the following week after the winner has been announced (I will e-mail the winner to arrange the best time and day for the call).

We can’t wait to hear from all of you and to see who the winner will be!

If you would like, in addition to leaving your comments you can send us pictures at

Warmest Regards
Manager – Customer Services
Kim & Co.

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10 Responses to Bea’s Kim & Co. Blog Contest – How many Kim & Co. items do you have?

  1. Ann Jakubowiak says:

    I have 157 itmes of Kim’s

    • Patricia Birch says:

      I have 27 pieces off Kim’s clothing so far

      • Patricia Birch says:

        I shall be continuing to buy Kim’s clothing as often as i can, also i need to make more wardrobe spaces as mine are rather small.

  2. Ewa switalska says:

    I have 1200 pieces. Love all of them.

  3. Hilary Briars says:

    My name is Hilary from Lytham St Annes, England and I am lucky enough to own 241 pieces of Kim and Co. Many thanks to Kim and the team for producing such beautiful patterns and designs. Long may Kim and Co. last.
    Many thanks

  4. Pam says:

    I have 26 items and I really don’t need to buy more as Kims clothes last a life time BUT there is always something that catches my eye and I simply cant resist it so keep em comeing Kim..!!!

  5. Hayley Jones says:

    Hi my name is Hayley Jones i have 468 items of kims gorgeous clothing and still continue to buy !love the styles, comfort, easy to look after and never get bored of wearing them, they make me feel good every day even when i dont feel so good !

  6. carol king says:

    Hi KIm i have 62 your clothes love them keep up the great work

  7. Jenny Kinman says:

    Hi, my name is Jenny Kinman and I have an astonishing 692 Kim & Co items – I never realised I had so many! Out of the 692 almost 200 are dresses. I open my wardrobe every morning to an array of colours and styles all of which are instantly wearable. I can put on a dress, drive in it for hours, sit in meetings all day and still look fresh and smart when I get home in the evening. I can walk and cuddle our two little dogs knowing that the dog hairs will fall right off the dress. I can then wash the dress, hang it to dry and wear it again knowing it will be the same size, shape and colour and look as good as new! Well done Kim and team!! How about some jewellery and shapewear underwear!!?

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